What is Udon Noodle?

Japanese Udon(うどん) is a wheat based noodle with white thick noodle that has both soft and chewy texture. Udon was most likely introduced to Japan from China during Tang dynasty (618-907 CE) and has become a staple of Japanese cuisine along with the other Japanese noodles, Somen, Soba and Ramen. Udon is served in many ways, either hot or cold, served with soup or stir-fried.

Some of the most popular udon dishes are:
Kitsune Udon - Most popular udon served in hot soup with deep fried tofu pouch.
Nabeyaki Udon - Hot-pot udon, with seafood and vegetables cooked in a cast iron pot.
Curry Udon - Udon served in a curry flavoured soup.
Yaki Udon - Stir-fried udon in soysauce.

Where to try Udon in Berlin:
Heno Heno in Charlottenburg
Sasaya in Prenzlauerberg
Smart Deli in Mitte

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