Thoughts about the recyclability of our product... [First Published 07.03.2018]

When Heejoo and I first discussed the forming of Zoom Fresh, one of the topic was about the recyclability of our product. We knew that we will have to address the issues about the package wastes as we developed our product.

We visited innovative stores such as “Original Unverpackt” which is a grocery store that tries not to create much plastic waste instead encourages users to bring their own container and buy cereals, liquid soaps in bulk.
We were really inspired by their concept, and we wanted to create similar practice at our store. However, the system was much more complicated than we thought and since we had limited time and fund, we decided to open the store first and then develop a better system of packaging as we moved forward. We did keep one package in a very recyclable material. All our sauces are packaged in a very sustainable material. We chose to use “Weck” glasses for our sauces since they are very practical and beautiful at the same time. We wanted our users to upcycle the glasses for their usefulness.


Its now been 4 weeks since we started the beta testing of our store and we are now ready to move on to package our products in a more sustainable materials. In the next coming weeks we will focus on 3 key areas where we can improve our packages.

  1. We will use more paper instead of plastics where allowed. For hygienic reasons, we have to use plastic in packaging marinated meats, and for small amounts of liquids but for other ingredients we will use paper products.
  2. We will reduce labeling and printout materials. We will ask our users to use our websites for instructions instead of taking printed materials. Also we will reduce printed labels on our products.
  3. We will start a “Pfand System.” Germany has a recycling system called the “pfandsystem” which regulates the sale and return of plastic and glass bottles. When one buys a bottled drink, you pay for the drink and the bottle separately. When you return the bottle, you get the full amount of what you paid for the bottle back. We will charge 3 euros as the deposit for out bottles. These Weck glasses are extremely durable glasses and can cost around 3 euros each in a normal shop. We will provide 2 Weck glasses for each meal. If the users would like to keep the bottle it’s up to them.

These are just the small steps we will be taking in the coming days. Peace...

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