Start of a new venture [First published 28.11.2017]

When I first moved to Berlin, I remember listening to a song called “The Dream” by Cho Yong Pil, legendary korean singer. It is a about a person who comes to the city looking for his dream and instead finds a desolate place. When our family moved to Berlin, we knew no one and there was no certain future waiting for us here. We simple moved here with our young children. We came here searching for an unknown dream.

Six years have passed and we have nicely adjusted to the life here. We met good people, we found a good home, and we found a warm community.
I haven’t listened to the song since then but now I find myself once again listening to this song. A start of a new venture. There are many so many questions that I cannot answer. But hopefully like the last time I know it will all turn out well.

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