Beware the ides of March [First published 06.04.2018]

Month of March in Berlin was cold and wet. 3 out of 4 weeks was very miserable and the streets of Stargarder were not as lively as usual. It felt like most of the people on the streets were busy heading home instead of strolling the streets...
Our second month of operation has passed and it was a mixed month. Although we had a slight increase in all our numbers we are not yet self sufficient. The BamGam number is also up from February. In March we were able to collect enough donation for 106 meals for a child compared to 88 meals donated in February. That’s over 20 percent increase! Hopefully we can hold this trend.
April fools day have come and gone and warmth is finally here to stay. Our website is now fully operational. Currently we only accept orders from those living in Prenzlauer Berg area where we are delivering. We have extended our opening hours so now we are available from 10:00 -20:00 everyday except Sunday. We will introduce at least 2 more menus this month. We will also be taking part in the ME4change program. It will be a busy month.
p.s. the image is the death of Julius Caesar. He was assassinated because he did not “beware the ides of March.”

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